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FlyTalks, The most suggested Spanish Institute in Chandigarh, provides a right direction to the aspiring folks dream by providing a platform to understand the life goal. We tend to welcome all the interested students to come here and  participate in the learning expertise fostering the experience of the Spanish speaking nation culture. We tend to perpetually stay up-to-date with teaching methodologies and advanced coaching of institute faculty members.

Why Spanish Language?

Everyone is aware of the Spanish is the widely used language that facilitates many benefits; it’d undoubtedly be the great idea to learn Spanish in Chandigarh at our institute.

More than four hundred millions Spanish speakers are measured globally.
2nd largest language within the U.S with around thirty three million Spanish speakers.
Improve the resume quality
Keeps the memory sharp
Good communication with native Spanish speakers
Travel to Spanish communicatory nations and simply apprehend their culture.
Become bilingual and obtain the vital insight

Benefits of Learning at | The Best Spanish Language Speaking Course in Punjab & Chandigarh

Our Institute of Language learning aims to arrange the assorted special and general Spanish courses to permit students to achieve mastery in this language. we feature out cultural promotion activities to market the Spanish culture and create participants quite accustomed to it. Today, we tend to known for various things such as:

Highly qualified, well practiced and knowledgeable teachers
Various sorts of Spanish Language Course in Chandigarh are at beneficially low price
100% placement help
Practical and also theoretical
Carry cultural promotion activities
Innovative participating and inspiring activities
The courses generally consists of-

Our Institute has advanced Spanish learning course of study supported the course sort. From beginners to people who need additional in-depth, we’ve designed Spanish Courses in Chandigarh for all per their previous data and knowledge. look into special courses designed for Spanish lovers.

A1 (Basic certificate)

This is the simplest course for people who don’t have previous knowledge experience of Spanish. In the end, a learner is going to be ready to perceive and use the normally used expressions to articulate the overall needs.

A2 (Elementary certificate

After with success finishing of this Spanish Language Course in Chandigarh, a student will simply perceive the oftentimes knowledge of how to apply used phrases and expressions allied to the areas of instant importance like family or basic personal data, employment, shopping, places of interest, etc.


B1 (Intermediate certificate)

It certifies the power to our learner to grasp the meaning of the clear text and cope up with things whereas traveling within the Spanish speaking world. And eventually, a learner will describe experiences and moments, dreams, expectations, and in brief offer the advantages/disadvantages, reasons, and explanations for numerous perspective

B2 (Upper intermediate certificate)

The higher intermediate certification course permits a student to supply the clear and well-structured text, move with the communicator with a decent degree of naturalness and fluency.

C1 (Advanced certificate)

This advanced course certifies a student to specific themselves with confidence while not creating efforts to search out the suitable phrase. they’re ready to perceive numerous drawn-out texts, realize the implicit that means, and use the language effectively for an expert, educational and social purpose

C2 (Proficient certificate)

The C2 Spanish Language Course in Chandigarh permits adequate linguistic proficiency to converse fluently in any state of affairs, ability to instantly adapt to any context with an excellent level of exactness.