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Benefits of studying in Singapore

The Singapore degree is recognized worldwide. Reasons to make Singapore a preferred study destination:

  • multi religious nation
  • stable economy
  • Infrastructure and Accessibility
  • A multicultural nation with high quality of life
  • A Vibrant City Lifestyle
  • The cost of living is comparatively lower than other countries.
  • World class education at an affordable price – The cost of education is also comparatively lower than other countries.

About the country

Singapore is home to millions of Chinese, Malaysian, Indian and Eurasian people. The country has a multinational society with a current population of about 4.5 million which the government is planning to increase to 6.5 million. Singapore, the world’s busiest port and the third largest financial trading center, has been ranked as the most preferred location in terms of quality of living.

Singapore has been ranked as the most preferred place by Asian expatriates in terms of quality of living.

Core areas

  1. Central Region
  2. East Zone
  3. North Zone
  4. North East Region
  5. West Zone
  6. Education system
  7. The Ministry of Education aims to help students discover their talent, so that these talents can be best realized and realize their full potential, and develop a passion for learning for life.
  8. They have a strong education system. Singapore students aim high and they achieve very good results. It is recognized worldwide.

Time of Admission:


Singapore institutes have a large consumption in the month of January

English intake:

January, March, May, July, August, October

Academic intake:

March / July / October

 Work part time while studying

Until the college offers them internships, international students are generally not allowed to work part-time during their studies. It is quite common in Singaporean institutions. Please contact FlyTalks Immigration Consultants for details.

Students studying in national universities and state-owned polytechnics are allowed to work part-time for up to a maximum of 16 hours per week.

 Work opportunities after studies

More than 100,000 MNCs as well as 100,000 small and medium companies have established their base in Singapore. Thus Singapore offers limitless career and networking possibilities to the students studying there. Singapore achieves a very high employment rate.

“With the rise in job vacancies and low unemployment, the seasonally adjusted ratio of job vacancies for unemployed individuals hit a decade high with 138p job openings for every 100 job seekers in December 07” – Retrieved from the website of Ministry of Manpower, Singapore

Employment pass eligibility certificate

International students from Singapore are considered for the Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (EPEC) by the Ministry of Manpower Singapore (MOM), must have a selected university qualification.

The Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (EPEC) allows foreigners to stay in Singapore for one year to facilitate their job search. Successful EPEC applicants are required to apply for a one-year travel pass from the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) to allow them to remain in Singapore for 1 year. EPEC or 1 year travel pass does not allow the holder to work in Singapore or certify. Once the candidate acquires an employment, the employer is required to submit an employment pass application to the Work Pass Division for consideration. . The candidate can start working only after the employment pass application is approved. EPEC is issued once and is non-renewable.

Need  of English

However some specific request for IELTS / TOEFL official English score is not mandatory.

fee structure


University: 13,000.00 – 18,000.00 SNG $ per year

College: 10,000.00 – 15,000.00 SNG $ per year

Postgraduate study

University: 15,000.00 – 22, 000.00 SNG $ per year

College: 12,000.00 – 18,000.00 SNG $ per year

Scholarship / bursary

Like any other nation in the world, special scholarships are allocated in Singapore to encourage higher education among students. Students who meet the necessary criteria to receive a scholarship can apply for their career interests. There are some special scholarships for students in need of financial aid and for those with exceptional academic backgrounds.

Disclaimer: This guidance is especially for students wishing to study abroad in the country. It is only a guide for which information is taken from various relevant websites. Its purpose is to answer some common questions. Visitors are advised to contact the office for most updated information.