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Permanent Residence Canada

Canada is one of the most preferred destinations in the world for immigration these days. The UNO has ranked Canada as the number one worldwide for PR based on several compelling factors such as quality of life, environment, safety, career opportunities, crime, and more.

If you are among the immigration candidates, this page is a specially designed perfect destination, so that you can get comprehensive information and details about the Canadian immigration process and popular visa categories, namely, Visa, PR Visa, Skilled Visa , Investor visa, study visa, business visa, etc.

Canadian Language and Culture

English and French these two official languages have gained widespread popularity in many countries as well as Canada. The presence of different nations gives multicultural environment due to different religions and ethnic backgrounds and thus it is the best place to live or study in the world.

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What does Canada offer to skilled professionals, businessmen and international students?

The flow of immigration into Canada is very high for various reasons that attract immigrants of every class, category and occupation. Immigrants can be further divided into three major categories, namely investors, businessmen, skilled workers and international students. Whereas, these three categories have a major share in the immigration numbers in annual immigration to Canada. However, the family movement also contributes to immigration numbers.

What is it for skilled / professional foreigners: Canada is a skill-deficient country, providing ample employment opportunities to immigrant skilled workers in its various cities and industries. The number of occupations are N, and there is a high demand i.e. engineering, healthcare, IT, hotel and tourism industries, construction work, service sector, etc. The Canadian federal government has classified occupations according to skill levels, that is, national occupational classification and federal skilled workers. NOCs consider skill levels (skills 0, A, B, etc.) and accordingly they are invited abroad for skilled work with FSW (Federal Skilled Worker) through PNP programs and express entry of various provinces.

Investors and Businessmen: Canada has launched various business immigration programs to attract foreign investment pools to its country. Most of these business immigration programs provide Canada PR visas to investors or business aspirants with their families. These applicants are required to make some investment in Canada and meet the basic criteria of that program. Business visas are highly inviting as they contribute to the economy and development of Canada. .These visas are the major source for creating jobs and settlement in Canada through investment.

International Students: Canada is known for its international standard of education system. It is also the land of the most prestigious and renowned universities in the world, which offer modern education on a vast range of academic and vocational courses. Being a peaceful, crime-free and safe country, it creates an ideal study environment that attracts and welcomes thousands of international students every year. Recently, the government relaxed the immigration rules for international students, and later helped them obtain PR in Canada. These foreign students are the potential workforce needed to fill skilled labor gaps in Canadian cities and industry.

What are immigration programs in Canada?

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) – One of the major reasons for the huge immigrant influx in Canada is the introduction of several emigration friendly immigration programs, namely Express Entry, QSWP, in coordination with the need for skilled human resources from various industries and cities in Canada. And various PNPs. These programs have different requirements and criteria. Below is a list of these immigration friendly programs.


Skilled Immigrant (Express Entry) Program, Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers, Canadian Experience Class Program, Start-up Visa Program, Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program, Self-Employed Individuals Program, Family Sponsorship Program, Provincial Nominee Program, Care Program, Refugee program.

Document Requirements for Canada PR:

What are the main requirements of Canada immigration?

Documentation for immigration requirements may vary according to the availability of different immigration programs or visa categories. However, there are still some basic documentation requirements that are common to most Canadian immigration programs. Immigration programs below require express entry, QSWP, PNP like immigration.

Language proficiency: One has to provide proof of language proficiency in official languages through an official language, such as a certified or registered agency such as IELTS / CELPIP (International English Language Testing System).

Education: Provide your ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) report with an application for immigration. The ECA is the common way of obtaining your academic assessment.

Health and Character Requirements: Other Eligible Criteria for Canadian Immigration Your Good Health and Character Certificate is not old, then 6 months. Prepare and provide these required certifications.

There are other factors affecting your application for immigration, namely age, work experience, adaptability, etc. and marks also vary by immigration program or visa type immigrant is filling.

A question arises in everyone’s mind that how much time it takes to complete this process.

Processing Time for Canada PR Visa:

The timing of the immigration application process depends on a number of factors such as what type of visa an immigrant has applied, is filled in correctly and has to submit the application form along with the necessary documents for approval, etc. These factors are given below. May vary depending on:


The availability of immigration programs applicable to your profile and further these programs vary in their processing time.

Visa Application – Filling the application form correctly to reduce the chances of case being rejected or any further delay.

Documents: arranging profiles with all necessary documents for quick processing

LMIA Approval: In case of immigrant, LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) approval gets a job offer.

Digit based immigration system:

Canadian immigration has introduced a points-based system. Points are allocated to various factors associated with your profile such as education level, age group, work experience, language proficiency etc. The points vary for different programs. On scoring a few essential points your path to legal settlement in Canada is clear.

Canada’s immigration policy allows only two types of immigration

Temporary Immigration or Visa: Student Visa, Work Permit, Live-in-Caregiver, Canada PR, Visitor / Tourist.

Permanent Residency – Skilled Worker Class Visa, Business or Investor Visa, or Family Sponsorship Visa

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